Problems sending outgoing Emails

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If you have trouble sending outgoing emails, then most probably it is due to one of these two reasons:


  •  If you want to use an outgoing (sending) address that is different from your assigned interWaysMAIL address, then you need the "Persona" feature (please see our pricing pages). Persona enables you to use your old email address as outgoing/sender address.
  • Are you using the correct SMTP (outgoing mail server) settings, especially ports and encryption/authentication? You can find the exact details needed in our support section -->server settings.

SSL Secured


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Availability mailservers last 6 months
interWays supports Email transport encryption for many years now. More on this...
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NEW: We support all current Android and Blackberry phones for full Mail, Contacts and Calendar sync!
interWays has started doing all money transfers with Euro customers via SEPA.
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interWays is ready for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1!
interWays is ready for Windows Phone 8!
New connectors for Outlook and Mac available in our downloads area!
interWays is ready for iOS 5 and iPhone 4S ! All features work right out of the box for iOS 5, now with Tasks sync.
interWays is ready for Mac OS 10.7 Lion. Details can be found here...

Many new features and improvements with our latest update! See here...

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NEW: Effective now, you can use shared calendars on your iPhone and Android phone! See here for setup...

NEW: We now offer verified (address checked) email addresses under the domain! See "Products" for details...

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