Share Calendars, Contacts, Folders, subscribe to external calendars ..

We'll show you how to share Calendars, Contacts, Folders and Files and subscribe to external calendars.

To share your calendar with other users (beginning with interWaysMAIL Domain personal/professional):

Kalender Freigabe Screenshot Kalender Freigabe Eigenschaften Screenshot
Freigabe annehmen Screenshot

Subscirbe to external calendars (Google, etc...):
Externer Kalender Sync Screenshot

Desktop Application: Other users' shared calendars (and contacts, mails, files...) are displayed automatically in the desktop application and webmail. You don't need to adjust anything.

Add calendars to iCal:

Share Contacts, Folders, Files:

Add calendars, contacts, folders from other users in Outlook:

Add calendars, contacts, folders from other users in iCal:

To publish Free/Busy information:

To use shared calendars on your mobile device, please visit our Support-->Mobile Devices section.