interWaysMAIL for Android and Blackberry Phones

NEW: Android and Blackberry Push Mail, Contacts, Calendars online sync; all you need! And you can even keep your existing email address...

Order your free 30-day trial account now! (no obligation) Service starts at US$ 1.49/month after the 30-day trial (webmail access, Android and Blackberry Push Sync starts at US$ 4.99/month).


Just a quick overview what makes us better than others:

Have your personal Office with you all the time.

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Your Android and Blackberry Phone support our AirSync Technology (older devices might need 3rd party addon software). Synchronisation of Mail, Calendar and Contacts via WLAN or worldwide via your mobile provider is effortless and fast. Keep your PC, Mac, Linux computers up to date and synchronised. Always.

Secure, encrypted, easy.


Entering an appointment while on the road makes it available on your PC or Mac immediately - online, fast and easy. You'll never again have to worry about missing entries in different address books, calendars etc. From now on you can access your data from anywhere in the world: Mailbox storage up to 50GB. Where else do you get that?


Important: Contrary to many competitors, we  completely and without limitations do support Apple Mac-, Windows- und Linux-computers! And you can keep data synchronised between these platforms as well - easily and automatically.


Try us, we offer all that and much more; Email is just the beginning. Mobile documents, calendar access for friends, family or business, Instant Messaging, Apple iSync synchronisation for Mail, Contacts and Calendar, Linux support, complete Outlook integration, etc...

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Your friends, colleagues or family members can share your calendar, contacts, documents or mail folders; just get them an interWaysMAIL account as well...


We take care of everything and help setting up our service - customer satisfaction is important to us! Backups, synchronising multiple computers - no problem.


Secure: interWaysMAIL and your Phone encrypt all data via SSL while in transit - giving you the assurance that your personal data travels safely encrypted through the internet!


Using our mobile web client, you can access your emails, calendars and contacts from all mobile internet-enabled devices:

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Synchronisation and our web client work with iPhones, Windows Mobile Smartphones and many mobile phones!

You can contact us at [email protected].


All that from US$ 1,49/month (webmail). Test us, order your free 30-day trial account now!


You can find detailed setup instructions for your device in our support section (or click here)!