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Apple Mac support area

Apple Mac support area

Apple Mac Support and Settings:
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1 Use your old email address 97088
2 Convert / buy trial account 61136
3 Apple Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion 83772
4 Installing the interWaysMAIL Apple iSync Connector 214383
5 View/Add shared Calendars/Contacts on your Apple Mac 83992
6 Apple Mail Setup 116977
7 Snow Leopard Support 88031
8 Webmail access via internet browser 141951
9 New features and improvements 150900
10 IM Instant Messenger 123036
11 Outlook for iOS and Android Setup 93873
12 Email Encryption 105665
13 Einrichtung interWays StoreCloud die Datenwolke 90325
14 Mobile Devices setup 96287
15 How to contact our Support Team! 99487
16 Downloads 201796
17 Forums / Blog 111946
18 Server Settings (IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Thunderbird, iCal, etc.) 312935
19 Keep your online mailbox storage small - save data locally 122413
20 Share Calendars, Contacts, Folders, subscribe to external calendars .. 118437
21 "Persona" Configuration 155536
22 IMPORTANT: Frequently asked questions / problems 107732
23 iPhone Tasks with OmniFocus 103720
24 Installation of the Mail Desktop Application (Zimbra Desktop) 119297
25 Connecting your Net Drive 104919
26 Fotos and Documents upload/ network folders 103268
27 Subscribe to RSS / Atom Feeds 98561

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Recently, we introduced 2 factor authentication (TOTP: time-based one-time passwords) to our network to strengthen security for your accounts. You can use this method to generate an additional login number on your smartphone when logging into your account.

interWays is ready for the iPhone X! Welcome to our network.

NEW: We strive to be your preferred provider for innovative mail and calendaring applications. That's why we have introduced many new features recently. Click here for more info!
For up-to-date-infos regarding Windows 10 support, please read here!
interWays supports the new Outlook for iOS (Apple) and Android! Of course we will continue full support for the integrated system clients as well. Both Apps can be found in the App Stores.
interWays supports Email transport encryption for many years now. More on this...
interWays is ready for the iPhone 5S/5C and iOS 7!
NEW: We support all current Android and Blackberry phones for full Mail, Contacts and Calendar sync!
interWays has started doing all money transfers with Euro customers via SEPA.
Office and Outlook 2013: Click here!
interWays is ready for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1!
interWays is ready for Windows Phone 8!
New connectors for Outlook and Mac available in our downloads area!
interWays is ready for iOS 5 and iPhone 4S ! All features work right out of the box for iOS 5, now with Tasks sync.
interWays is ready for Mac OS 10.7 Lion. Details can be found here...

Many new features and improvements with our latest update! See here...

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NEW: Effective now, you can use shared calendars on your iPhone and Android phone! See here for setup...

NEW: We now offer verified (address checked) email addresses under the domain! See "Products" for details...

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