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Installing the interWaysMAIL Apple iSync Connector

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Installing interWaysMAIL for Apple Mac OS/X 10.4 and higher is fast and easy:  Now: Compatible with Mavericks!

  • IMPORTANT: Please make a complete backup of all your data before continuing by exporting all your data:
    • Open iCal.
    • Choose the first calendar in the calendar (folder) list on the left and click on it (highlighted blue).
    • Click (on top of screen in the menu bar) "File" --> "Export".
    • iCal1 image
    • Click "Export" after choosing the folder you wish to save the file in (best to backup to external drives/media)...
    • Repeat the above steps for all local calendars (if multiple) you wish to use.
    • iCal2 image
    • Open Address Book, click on "File" --> Export" --> "Adress Book Archive".
    • Click on  "Save" after choosing the folder you wish to save the file in (best to backup to external drives/media)...
  • Mac OS 10.5 & 10.6 only (10.7 Lion and newer: instructions further down this page): Download the Apple Mac / iSync Connector file from our Support area ==>Downloads.
  • Close the System Preferences window, should it be open!
  • Double-Click the file and follow the installation procedure.
  • Open System Settings (grey gears symbol) and click on Zimbra Zimbra, should the Zimbra window not have opened automatically.
  • Under "Account", enter the following:
    • Account: your description
    • Server:
    • Server Port: 443
    • User Secure Sockets Layer: On
    • User Name: Your interWaysMAIL Email Address
    • Password: Your Password
  • Under "Sync"  settings you can adapt the settings or leave the defaults. Please start the first sync by clicking  "Sync Now".
  • Important: NEVER change the sync interval (at "Sync" --> "Synchronize") to less than 30 minutes! Leave it as it is or make it more than 30 minutes (best: Every Day). It must be at least 30 minutes or more. Otherwise your account will get locked automatically by our system!

  • Done!

iSync Connector Screenshot 1

iSync Connector Screenshot 2


iSync now starts syncing your data.

Mac OS 10.7 Lion and newer: Direct sync setup, no connectors needed. in iCal: Go to iCal--Accounts and set up a new CalDAV account. Server: User: your interWaysMAIL email address. Setup for Address Book: Go to address book -- Accounts and add a CardDAV account. Server: User: your interWaysMAIL email address. Apple Mail setup: Further down this page.

If you want to import your existing/old Calendar data into the Online-Calendar:

  • In iCal, click on "File"-->"Import"-->"iCal-File
  • Choose the file you exported before (top)-->click on "Import" and select the online store ("Calendar") as import target. Please repeat this step if you have multiple calendar files. You can easily create new calendars via Webmail; they will then show up in iCal automatically.
  • iCal3 image
  • Done. Your data should show up online after a short while.
  • You can now delete the upper, local calendars (have backups at hand!).
  • iCal2 image

Email setup:

  • Desktop Aplication: Download and install according to instructions: Support-->Downloads
  • Apple Mail: Please set up the account as new POP3 or IMAP Account, for settings see: Support-->Server Settings (Mail-->Settings-->Accounts: '+' to add new account).
  • Snow Leopard (OS/X 10.6) and newer users: Please set up the account as IMAP. Our interWaysMAIL Apple Connector (download in our Support-->Downloads section) sets up calendar and contacts sync automatically.
  • If you use Apple Mail in the IMAP mode, then you should adjust these settings: Go to the account settings (Mail-->Settings-->Accounts) of the interWays account, go to "Mailbox Behaviour" and activatethe options "Mave deleted mails to trash" and "Save deleted mails on server".
  • If you want to sync your Sent folder as well, simply mark the 'Sent' folder in the interWaysMAIL section of the mailbox list, then click on Mailboxes (top row) --> use this mailbox for --> Sent Emails. Same procedure for deleted mails: Mark "Trash" in theinterWays folder section --> click on Mailboxes --> use this mailbox for -->Trash.
  • Thunderbird: Please set up the account as new POP3 or IMAP Account, for settings see: Support-->Server Settings

IMPORTANT: Please back up your data regularly. Just follow the instructions for backups in the support section! You are responsible for your own data, interWays can not be held liable for loss of data, service interruptions and/or damages thereof.


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